The Trello user identified by the URL is controlled by this service and will be referred to as "the bot". This website, which runs the same software that powers the bot, but also keeps track of user accounts and payments, will be referred to as "the service".

Privacy Policy

When you invite the bot to one of your Trello boards, you agree to give him access to all the content inside the board, as you would with any Trello member invited to any board. This content will be accessible by the team behind the service.

Trello entity ids will be stored, and may also be sent to third-party analytics services, but no content inside the board, except for card names, will be stored. This means card descriptions, files, labels, comments, checklists will remain inside the board.

You can remove the bot from your Trello boards anytime, and it will lose access to the content inside the board from that moment on.

When you log in this website, data from your Trello account will be fetched and stored.

None of the data will be made public, neither by the bot, nor by the service, nor by the team.

Terms of Service

Neither the bot nor the service make no warranty of reliability or suitability for any purpose. Its availability or existence may be removed at any time by its owners. The bot may fail to fulfill its promises and not be able to sync cards and cards contents.

By using the bot you agree to make fair use of the service and not to try to break it.

By logging in in this website you agree to receive email regarding updates or news about the service.