A bot that keeps Trello™ cards in sync.

@cardsync has been retired

Due to Trello API hard limits (@cardsync is a member of many many cards right now) it isn't possible to add it to more cards

But it doesn't mean the service is interrupted. It just means that now you must use @cardsyncgreen for all new syncs. Your current syncs with @cardsync will continue to work. Nevertheless, we expect that you'll be gradually moving your syncs from the old bot to the new bot -- or perhaps transition into our new Cardsync for Teams Trello Power-up that should be released soon --, so we'll be able to end the old bot's functionalities in an year.

If you have purchased credits on @cardsync, they're all available in the new bot, and your account should be accessed at from now on. If you are going to get a subscription now, please use that page also.

If you have any problems in this turbulent times, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you very much.

Giovanni T Parra